Contract Decorating

In A Flash Laser handles orders of all sizes, from one-offs, to 1000 plus pieces. Our minimum for small orders is generally $35. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote on your projects, large and small.

With two types of laser engraving and direct process color printing, we can decorate a wide range of materials and products. As a general guideline, running charge/item is $4.95 for 50+ units with a max image area of 3 square inches + $75 Set-up. Other charges may apply and testing on your item may be necessary. Orders of 1-5,000+ units are possible.

Artwork size Cost per piece
3 sq-in $4.95
5 sq-in $7.75
12 sq-in $13.95
16 sq-in $17.50
36 sq-in $24.95
>36 sq-in request a quote


*This per item pricing does not apply to all items. In certain cases a liability release and hold harmless agreement may be required prior to the job. Contact us for more information.

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