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Our Birth

After 8 years working as a mechanical engineer, including for the Navy, it was time to escape the Dilbert life. Over time, the idea of a hacker space transformed into a laser engraving service company.

Primary Skills

When we say “iPad engraving is our specialty” we mean it. We started engraving iPads as soon as we could get our hands on them. That lead to cases and other custom tech products, but iPads were the most popular.

One year later

The most common question Sara receives is “so do you still use your engineering degree at all?” The answer is a resounding “YES!”

Every new product requires R&D, not to mention the problem-solving aspects of running a business.

In 2011 the iPad 2 was released, and by the end of the year a new laser was purchased. New capabilities meant new products and even more ways to please customers.

Colorful Changes

In August purchased a UV Inkjet printer from Roland and began learning to use it. Now when asked if we could decorate in color we could say “sure!” instead of explaining that engraving modified the surface but didn’t usually have color added.

The new iPad Air was released and new cases to go with it.

In November we signed a lease on a storefront and moved out of the garage, just in time to settle in for the holiday season.

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Four years later

Before the busy holiday season we hired our very first employees. Being located on campus gives us access to students looking for part-time jobs. It’s been a good match so far.

Shifting Focus

With several new wholesale contracts we adjusted our focus and prices to be attractive to corporate customers. Contract decorating, industrial laser-cutting, and part marking now make up a large percentage of our work.

2015: Off To A Good Start

After the best holiday season yet we added another printer effectively tripling our capacity. If this keeps up we will need a larger space. New products are in the pipeline and we’re excited to get to work.

Flip Flops Launch

Our second product launches on Zazzle.com – custom printed flip flops!  With literally thousands of designs available from the artist community, there’s a sandal for everyone.

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West Coast Bound

One advantage of owning your own business and serving mostly online customers is you can decide to pack up everything and move across the country with only a few weeks of downtime. After a quick vacation in July, Sara decided that Lake Tahoe was the place she’d always dreamed of living.  So long Virginia, it’s been a great decade and we’ll miss your lovely spring and fall.

Launched Apple Watch Bands for sale with Zazzle! New products and new customers in Tahoe.

Off to a great start launching custom laser-cut and printed jigsaw puzzles and new home decor items.